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History of the PA Experts Network (PAEN)

Working in PA Education and in state and national PA leadership for many years, Jeffrey Nicholson possess an intimate knowledge of the PA profession. When he became Director of the University of Wisconsin PA Program in 2001, he was approached by a Wisconsin insurance company to give an opinion on the medical care provided by a PA and his supervising physician. Since that time, requests for his assistance from insurance companies and attorneys around the nation have increased to the point where the need for a Network of competent PAs in all medical specialties became obvious. The idea of developing a PA expert database in all specialties was an easy one. Saving attorneys’ time by locating qualified PA Experts that meet the particulars of each case is a service that he is well-positioned to provide. In addition to his prior leadership experience in the profession, he is also the president of the American Academy of PAs in Legal Medicine, a caucus of the national PA professional organization. The organization collects data on PAs nationwide who have been involved in reviewing cases, it provide education to PAs on the litigation process, on working with attorneys, and on providing deposition and testimony. Dr. Nicholson and this organization also educate fellow practicing PAs on their own liability and risk management. Dr. Nicholson continues to provide services as a PA Expert Witness, but he also now manages a network of dozens of other highly qualified PAs and NPs who have experience doing the same from multiple specialties in nearly every state

Dr. Nicholson’s further qualification that sets him above all other PA legal consultants is his scholarly research on PA clinical practice safety, forming the basis of his ground breaking PhD dissertation in 2008, the first comprehensive comparison of PA practice safety to that of physicians and advanced practice nurse clinicians.

Jeffrey Nicholson’s Expert Credentials

Twenty-Three Years Clinical Practice Experience:

  • Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care

Physician Assistant Educator:

  • Twelve years as Full Time Academic Instructor, Clinical Director or Program Director of Physician Assistant Programs
  • Twenty-Three years as a PA Clinical Educator.

Professional Leadership:

  • Twice President, Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants (WAPA)
  • Distinguished Fellow: American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • Five time Representative to the American Academy of Physician Assistants House of Delegates
  • CEO, International Mission Clinic
  • Clinic Manager, Family Practice Clinic at the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • President, American Academy of PAs in Legal Medicine
  • Co-owner and Operator of a Family Practice and Urgent Care Clinic

Respected Education:

  • Boston College
  • Harvard University
  • University of Wisconsin Medical School

Dr. Nicholson’s CV

Dr. Nicholson’s Book
Read about and/or purchase Dr. Nicholson’s research comparing the malpractice incidence of PAs and NPs with those of physicians over the first 17 years of data collected in the National Practitioner Data Bank. German publisher. Alternately the dissertation in hard or soft cover may be purchased from ProQuest.
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Dr. Nicholson’s Dissertation
View Dr. Nicholson’s entire ground breaking 2008 dissertation comparing medical malpractice incidence and payments between physicians, PAs and advanced practice nurses over the first 17 years of data collected by the National Practitioner Data Bank.
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